Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Sci-ROI organization

Sci-ROI is an initiative of WINStep Forward. WINStep Forward is a non-profit set up by Prof. Aseem Ansari (Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison) to manage the Khorana and Bose Scholars Programs. While Sci-ROI will work closely with officials and institutions from India, it is not currently organized or funded by the Indian government. Our vision document has more information about the nature and scope of Sci-ROI.

Sci-ROI is a vibrant community of scientists, scholars, and accomplished individuals who intend to engage in research and entrepreneurial opportunities in India. Sci-ROI is an ideal platform to get information about available resources and programs. Members have opportunities to interact with senior policy leaders, heads of educational and research institutions and entrepreneurs. In addition, members can form collaborations with peers and undertake joint ventures. You can also have a positive impact on science policy and institution building in India. Members have preferential access to events organized by Sci-ROi including webinars and mentoring programs.

Sci-ROI is not tied to any specific region or institution in the US. However, we do intend to use Chicago as the hub for our annual events. This would make Sci-ROI more convenient for scholars in the Midwest, but given Chicago’s central location and splendid connectivity, we do expect participation from all over the country. Our online events such as webinars will be available to all members.

Membership Questions

Sci-ROI welcomes scholars from all nationalities and is open to undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty members as well as industry employees. Sci-ROI intends to be a truly multi-disciplinary forum and invites members from all disciplines.

You can become a Sci-ROI member by joining the Sci-ROI Google Group. Click here for instructions. You can also follow Sci-ROI on Facebook.

Yes. Sci-ROI welcomes scholars of all nationalities. We expect to provide information about opportunities that are available to non-Indian citizens. We also hope to facilitate international collaborations.

You are welcome to join Sci-ROI. While our annual event will take place in the US, you may benefit from our online resources and events. Sci-ROI does intend to facilitate international collaborations and your participation and feedback can be mutually beneficial in this regard.

Sci-ROI welcomes professionals from all backgrounds. By becoming a member and attending Sci-ROI events, you can keep yourself informed of entrepreneurial opportunities and connect with other professionals. You can also provide constructive feedback on promoting academia-industry partnerships and institution development. Given Sci-ROI’s connection with WINStep Forward, you can also engage with Khorana and Bose Scholars.

We expect entrepreneurship and translational research to be highlighted in many Sci-ROI events. One of our goals is to build a platform that makes it easier for international scholars and individuals to launch entrepreneurial ventures in India, especially those that adopt innovative approaches for addressing long standing challenges. Our long-term plans include development of a limited mentoring program and we might be able to pair you with individuals who can give advice relevant to the Indian context.

Questions about events and communication

You can post a request for people interested in your area of research on the Sci-ROI Forum and connect with responders through Facebook or other means. You will be able to meet people with similar research interests during networking sessions at our annual event.