Our Vision

  • To build a vibrant community of scientists, scholars, and accomplished individuals who intend to engage in research and entrepreneurial opportunities in India.

  • To introduce talented scholars to exciting scientific, technological and entrepreneurial opportunities in India and the US.

  • To develop new modes of institutional engagement that enable rapid, non-conventional and mutually beneficial research collaborations between India and the US.

  • To provide a supportive platform for international scholars and entrepreneurs to develop and launch entrepreneurial ventures in India.

  • To establish a forum that cuts across hierarchical boundaries to stimulate constructive dialog on science policy, infrastructure and research challenges, and institution building in India.

  • To promote the development of knowledge-based economy in India and contribute to initiatives such as “Make in India” program through sustained collaboration on institution building and institutional development in India.

Sci-ROI welcomes scholars from all nationalities and is open to undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty members as well as industry employees. Sci-ROI intends to be a truly multi-disciplinary forum and invites members from all disciplines to engage with policy and corporate leaders and fellow Sci-ROI members. Sci-ROI hopes to build a vibrant community of academic scholars, corporate sector employees, entrepreneurs and senior policy leaders for sustained engagement with opportunities in India.

  • Sci-ROI aims to be a facilitator, not a gatekeeper. To the extent possible, all Sci-ROI events and opportunities for networking would be made available to all members.

  • Emphasis on constructive discourse. Sci-ROI will encourage constructive discourse and dialog between scholars and leaders. We acknowledge the challenges of setting up ventures in India. We particularly welcome concrete suggestions for improving research and entrepreneurial climate in India and will strive for innovative and creative approaches for addressing long standing challenges in India.

  • Community effort. Sci-ROI will attempt to foster a strong community spirit amongst its members. We hope that members will take a strong interest in building a vibrant community through mentoring, active participation in our discussion forum, and open exchange of information and experience.

  • Annual flagship event. Working with WINStep Forward (WSF), the non-profit organization that manages the Khorana and Bose Scholar programs, Sci-ROI will organize a flagship event once a year that enables interaction between scholars and senior policy and institute leaders, corporate representatives, and entrepreneurs from the US and India. Apart from discussions on funding and fellowship schemes, entrepreneurial opportunities and research climate, this event will enable peer networking and community building.

  • Website and portal. To promote sustained engagement throughout the year, the Sci-ROI website will be developed into a comprehensive information portal regarding opportunities in India in partnership with WINStep Forward. Besides news and updates regarding Sci-ROI events, this website will be associated with a web forum and a blog featuring guest posts from various academic and non-academic luminaries from India. The web forum will be used for rapid dissemination of emerging research and entrepreneurial opportunities in India.

  • Long-term Plans. The future plans of Sci-ROI and WINStep Forward include development of the following resources:

    • Online seminars featuring policy makers, institute leaders and entrepreneurs from India as well as scholars from different stages of the academic career spectrum.

    • Mentoring Program, which will provide a limited mechanism for Sci-ROI members to engage one-on-one with suitable mentors from India over an extended period of time.