Sci-ROI Annual Event, 2019

September 7th and 8th @ University of Chicago

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Sci-ROI opens channels between India and the U.S., keeping talented young scientists and entrepreneurs apprised on the latest professional opportunities in India, allowing them direct access to policy makers and directors of leading scientific and academic institutions across the subcontinent, and helping young professionals make informed decisions before committing to a position.  We aim to provide the most up to date information regarding:

Career Opportunities

Sci-ROI informs graduate students, postdocs and early career scientists on recent developments in the academic, industrial and entrepreneurial environments in India.


Explore collaborative opportunities, academic-industry partnerships, and many other networking possibilities, including labs in the United States, during our annual Young Investigators Meetings.


Learn about grants, fellowships, seed money, and other financial awards and assistance opportunities continually being created by the government of India to encourage young people to establish themselves in the Indian academic, industrial, and entrepreneurial sectors.

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