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Sci-ROI (Science and Research Opportunities in India), a U.S. based volunteer-driven not-for-profit organization, is a gateway for young scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs in the U.S. to access professional opportunities across academic and private sectors in India, as well as in the United States. Sci-ROI organizes annual events, satellite and regional meetings, posts webinars, and our website hosts a career portal, all to create awareness of the lastest STEM and entrepreneurial opportunities in India. We focus on the following issues:


What are the research based job opportunities and what are the best places to do research in India?


What is the funding landscape? What are the funding sources & availability? What type of aid is available?


What is the application procedure – whom to apply to, when to apply, and what can be expected.


Exploring collaborative opportunities at the institute level, academic-industry partnerships, and networking possibilities with labs in USA.

Start up

Learn about incubator facilities at the host institutions and job security during start-up phases.

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