Series: New Faculty Perspective


Is pursuing an academic faculty career your prime ambition? You might find that your mind has already started weaving multiple novel research ideas and as you are reading this, it has wandered off to your dream institute. Or maybe you know you want to remain in academia, but you do not know how and where to search for your dream institute or research ideas. You miss your family and friends (and oh, that delicious Indian food!) and would love to settle down in India and start a research lab. But you are not sure how to start thinking about that arduous transition. If so, you have come to the right place to get answers on how to navigate through your transition period from being a successful student or postdoc to being an established faculty in India. To learn more about how early career professionals in the United States have transitioned to a faculty position in India recently, Atul, Sayan, and I from the Sci-ROI team had conversations with some new faculty members from eminent universities in India. 

Dr. Sriram
Faculty of Biology,
Aziz Premji University
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Dr. Shubhasis Haldar
Assistant Professor of Biology,
Ashoka University
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