Dr. Sudipta Maiti

Prof. Sudipta Maiti is a professor and chair in the Dept. of Chemical Sciences at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. Prof. Maiti’s research focuses on protein aggregation and folding, peptide-membrane interactions and neurotransmitter dynamics. He is also involved in the development of various fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging techniques. Prof. Maiti is a fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences and has co-founded and serves as the President of Fluorescence Society of India. He has played a key role in organizing the annual FCS workshop. He has also served as the secretary of Indian Biophysical Society as well as the President of the international society for Optics Within Life Sciences (OWLS).

In this video, Prof. Maiti talks with Sci-ROI volunteers Dr. Atul Gopal, Rohit Vaidya and Dr. Somnath Biswas about his background in science, his research focus since he joined TIFR, the challenges he has faced and the opportunities he has created in the last 20 years, his work for science outreach, his outlook on the past, present and future of Indian STEM, and his advice for young researchers starting their independent careers soon.



Interviewed By

Atul Gopal, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Fellow | National Institute of Health
Rohit Vaidya
Doctoral Candidate | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Somnath Biswas, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Fellow | Princeton University

Edited by

Alap Kshirsagar
Ph.D. Scholar | Cornell University

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