Dr. Sarah Hyder Iqbal

Dr. Sarah Hyder Iqbal is a communications and science engagement strategist. She has led innovative public engagement programmes such as the Superheroes Against Superbugs (India), Arting Health for Impact (International) and Planet Divoc-91 (International) among others. She received her PhD in Biochemistry from Oxford University, UK and joined Scripps Research Institute, USA as a research scientist. After her postdoc she joined DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance as a Public engagement officer and soon became the Lead in Communications and Public Engagement. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

In this video, Dr. Sarah Hyder Iqbal talks with Sci-ROI volunteers (Dr. Ananya Mukherjee and Dr. Kanika Khanna) about her career journey, her views on the future of public engagement and science outreach in India.



Interviewed By

Ananya Mukherjee, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Fellow | University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Kanika Khanna, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Fellow | Stanford University

Edited by

Alap Kshirsagar
Ph.D. Scholar | Cornell University

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