Bio – Dhananjay Tiwary

Dhananjay Tiwary, Ph.D.
Science Counsellor (S&T)
Embassy of India, USA

Before joining the Embassy of India in Feb. 2019, Dr. Dhananjay Tiwary was the Director of the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science Technology, Government of India. At the Department of Biotechnology, Dr. Tiwary oversaw advanced research and innovation in emerging fields such as nanotechnology, genome engineering technologies, and AI for healthcare. Dr. Tiwary received his MSc from Delhi University and Ph.D. from IIT Delhi. His research on analytical chemistry applies to food safety as well as validation of and value-addition in grassroots innovations. He has also served as a scientist in the Council for Science & Industry Research. Dr. Tiwary has authored 27 international publications and guided Ph.D. research.

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