Bio – Saurav Kumar

Saurav Kumar
Founder & CEO, Euler Motors
Mr. Kumar is the founder and CEO of Euler Motors, an automotive tech startup based out of New Delhi focused on commercial electric vehicles. Euler Motors recently raised a 20-crore Series A funding. Prior to this, he was co-founder and CEO of another company, Cube26, an India based technology innovation firm focused on revolutionizing the user experience across multiple devices and platforms. Cube26 was acquired by PayTM.
Before his entrepreneurial ventures, Mr. Kumar pursued his undergraduate degree in computer science from Delhi College of Engineering. After that, he joined INRIA, France, where he worked on the next generation of driving assistance systems to mitigate roadside accidents. Later, he joined Cornell University’s master’s program in computer science, focusing on machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing. His interests lie in the emerging sectors of consumer electronics, computational finance, automotive research, energy and space robotics.
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