Bio – Smarajit Polley

Smarajit Polley
Assistant Professor, Biophysics
Bose Institute

Dr. Smarajit Polley earned his PhD from Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, University of Calcutta followed by postdoctoral work at UC San Diego, where he studied the structural basis of activation of various enzymes and proteins involved in DNA transcription. He moved to India as a DBT-Wellcome Trust India Alliance Intermediate Fellow in 2015 and set up his interdisciplinary research group at Bose Institute, Kolkata, focusing on how eukaryotic kinases attain signaling modularity and what makes them ‘unruly’ to give rise to a disease condition.

He puts a strong emphasis in the role of mentors at different stages in his journey in science and will share valuable insights on his personal journey towards an independent scientist.

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