Rohit Vaidya

Rohit Vaidya

PhD Candidate

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sci-ROI roles: Blogs, European Outreach at Sci-ROI, and Fundraising

I am a Biophysicist, with an undergrad in Physics and now working in the interdisciplinary field of neurophotonics. My research includes development and application of super-resolution microscopy techniques to study learning and memory at a molecular level. I got to know about Sci-ROI when I was contacted to promote the 2020 annual event in my university, since I was then serving as the President of the Indian Graduate Students Association at UIUC. I attended the event as well and started following Sci-ROI after that. I found the core idea of Sci-ROI very attractive, which is to provide a platform for Indian researchers working abroad and establishing a liaison with Indian academia as well as the private sector. So, when I learnt that Sci-ROI is looking for volunteers, I applied for it immediately. I am very excited to be a part of this Sci-ROI team and hope to contribute a little by helping it grow in Europe and by editing and writing blogs about various topics that would be of interest to the members.

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