Somnath Biswas

Somnath Biswas, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Princeton University

Website, Funding database, Blogs at Sci-ROI

I am a chemical physicist by training with research interests in ultrafast spectroscopy, surface electronic structure, quantum optics and quantum information science. My research informs the design parameters to engineer materials having applications in optoelectronics and solar energy harvesting. Sci-ROI facilitates young STEM researchers to find their path in India. In line with this motto  I joined Sci-ROI in February 2021 to develop a funding database for academic professionals in India. Additionally, I am involved in interviewing early career academic and R&D scientists to reflect on their journey which will be incorporated as blogs in Sci-ROI website. This unique volunteering opportunity provides me the platform to go beyond my academic career while helping fellow researchers to further their professional jounney.

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