Alap Kshirsagar

Alap Kshirsagar

Ph.D. candidate

Cornell University

Engineering Outreach, Video Editing at Sci-ROI

I am a mechanical engineer currently pursuing research in the field of human-robot collaboration. My ongoing doctoral thesis aims to empower robots to perform the challenging task of object handovers with people. I found out about Sci-ROI through Winstep Forward and S.N. Bose Scholars’ network. I attended Sci-ROI’s 2019 annual event in Chicago and the virtual version in 2020, and got to know a lot about various scientific career opportunities in India. I joined the Sci-ROI volunteers’ team in January 2021 to help expand Sci-ROI’s outreach to engineering disciplines. I am also contributing to the video editing team and the team responsible for maintaining Sci-ROI’s presence on YouTube. I am excited to be a part of this network of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers.


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