Avijit Banik

Avijit Banik, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Emory University


I am a Neuroscientist by profession and a Science communicator by passion. I attended the Sci-ROI annual event last year at Chicago and instantly got connected with the focus of this great organization. Since then I have joined the team of Sci-ROI volunteers and am actively working together with 9 more extremely talented STEM professionals to bring this year’s virtual event (first of its kind) into life. I was overall responsible for the outreach of our organization. So happy to mention, going virtual, this year we could open up our event beyond the US, to our community spread across the globe. I possess a dream to transform Sci-ROI into a continuous support system with round the year activities and our team is working towards it so passionately. I wish to see Sci-ROI growing in 360 degrees so we can address many critical challenges on the field to empower a renewed and improved science & technology environment in India. At the end, I want to see myself transitioning to where I belong and uplift the system for a better tomorrow through my continuous engagement with Sci-ROI.

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