Avijit Banik

Avijit Banik, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

GITAM Deemed University


I am a Neuroscientist by profession and a Science communicator by passion. I attended the Sci-ROI annual event in 2019 at Chicago and instantly got connected with the focus of this great organization. I have joined the Sci-ROI Leadership team in 2020 and since then volunteering closely with other extremely talented STEM professionals to bring all the objectives of Sci-ROI into life. I am overall responsible for the social outreach of our organization and taking care of the monthly newsletter called “Sci-ROI Connect”. I possess a dream of transforming Sci-ROI into a continuous support system with round the year activities and our team has been working towards it so passionately from last two years. I wish to see Sci-ROI growing in 360 degrees so we can address many critical challenges on the field to empower a renewed and improved science & technology environment in India. At the end, I want to thank the Sci-ROI’s flagship Recruitment Drive which has helped many young minds including me to transition back to the Indian academia. I have recently joined one of the private institutes of India as an independent investigator and trying to establish my research lab there. I wish to continue my engagement with Sci-ROI and bring out some positive changes in the Indian STEM ecosystem.

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