Kalki Kukreja

Kalki Kukreja

PhD student at Systems Biology Department, Harvard University

SCI-ROI commitments: Social media and blogs/vlogs


I hail from Punjab, though science and education took me away first to New Delhi where I majored in Biotechnology at IIT Delhi and then to Boston where I am pursuing my PhD at Harvard University. I am studying how embryos develop into organisms and how embryonic cells diversify into different types of cells to form functional tissues and organs such as the brain, heart, blood, skin, etc. Specifically, I am studying how cell division and differentiation are coordinated during embryo development. I am leveraging single-cell sequencing and imaging-based technologies to measure fate choice and differentiation rate.

I have always wanted to stay connected to Indian academia and help bridge the gap between science in India and developed countries such as the United States. When I learnt about SCI-ROI, I was excited to contribute towards that. As a volunteer here, I am organizing a webinar on single cell-omics in India and a Vlog on the response of Indian academics to the Covid 19 pandemic. I also help with editing some of the blogs and managing SCIROI’s twitter account.

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