Kanika Khanna

Kanika Khanna, PhD

Postdoctoral scholar

Stanford University

Social Media, Blogs at Sci-ROI


I consider myself as a bacterial cell biologist. During my PhD, I investigated the molecular mechanisms of bacterial growth and division using novel modalities in structural cell biology and high-resolution microscopy. In my postdoc, I am trying to decode the mechanisms by which bacteria present in our gut influence the structure of the community and the host physiology. I got acquainted about Sci-ROI via my life-long mentor, Prof. Aseem Ansari. But since Sci-ROI’s annual meetings were always on the wrong coast, I couldn’t get to be there in person. In 2020 though, I attended Sci-ROI’s virtual annual meeting and was instantly taken by the idea of connecting the Indian diaspora to peers at home. With this, I organized a “Cryo-EM in India” webinar in December 2020. I joined the official Sci-ROI team in 2021 and hope to contribute to social media outreach, blogs on STEM research and people in India and more focused webinars.

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