Madhumati Sevvana

Madhumati Sevvana, Ph. D.

Research Scientist | Dept. of Biological Sc.

Purdue University

Social Media, European Academic Outreach at Sci-ROI

I am a structural virologist interested in decoding host-pathogen interactions during viral infections using molecular virology, biophysical and computational methods. The focus of my research program is to accelerate structure-based anti-viral therapeutics design (antibody therapeutics and vaccines) by deciphering virus neutralization mechanisms at the molecular level. I was introduced to Sci-ROI via an exceptionally informative “cryo-EM in India” webinar organized in December 2020. Sci-ROI’s vision of connecting STEM researchers in the U.S.  and Indian academia (and industry) attracted me to volunteer for the organization. I will primarily focus on Sci-ROI’s academic outreach in Europe (and other countries) in addition to managing a few of Sci-ROI’s social media outlets. I look forward to my journey with an amazing team of Sci-ROI volunteers.

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