Pradeep Keshavanarayana

Pradeep Keshavanarayana, PhD

University of Birmingham, UK, Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Role in Sci-ROI : Graphics, Fund raising, Podcast and Outreach in Europe

Pradeep is currently a research fellow at the University of Birmingham, UK, working on mathematical modelling of vasculature.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from NITK Surathkal. After which, he moved to the University of Stuttgart, Germany to pursue MSc in Computational Mechanics. Having developed a keen interest in Biomechanics, he went on to the University of Glasgow, UK to work on cell mechanics as part of his PhD. Prior to starting his postdoc, he had a brief stint at Agnikul Cosmos, a start-up working on designing and building satellite launch vehicles, located at IIT Madras, India.

Apart from work he spends his time in photography, music, and sports.

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