Subhadeep Dutta

Subhadeep Dutta

PhD candidate

Arizona State University

Social Media, Industrial Outreach at Sci-ROI

I am a synthetic Chemist working closely in the interdisciplinary research area of nanobiotechnology, in collaboration with a diverse team of chemical, biomedical engineers, biologists, and medical professionals. During my Ph.D. journey, I have been involved in developing different polymer biomaterials with the applications of drug & gene delivery, disease detection and wound healing. Overall I am a motivated, fun-loving individual, passionate to tackle new challenges by leveraging my technical and scientific skills as a member of the R&D team of a biotech or pharmaceutical industry. I came across the Sci-ROI organization from my senior colleagues, and attended the Sci-ROI-2020 annual event virtually. I found this as a great platform for Indian researchers from abroad, to find a path to transition back into Indian academic or non-academic ecosystem. I joined the official Sci-ROI team this year, to steer the social media activities of Sci-ROI, to bring more attention into this organization. Additionally I am also developing an industrial database (as a part of outreach) which will be helpful to PhDs/Postdocs for transitioning into the R&D sector of Indian industries. I am excited to be part of this Sci-ROI network and working together with the diverse set of enthusiastic volunteers.

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