Recruitment drive 2021: Recruiters


How Does It Work

Please respond to Sci-ROI’s invitation for the recruitment drive email or if interested in joining, please write to

Provide the list of job descriptions for which you will be hiring in June 2021.

• Once Sci-ROI sends you the compiled list of CVs, shortlist candidates and send their names along with probable list of dates/times for the interviews to Sci-ROI.

• Sci-ROI will mediate the entire process between you and the candidates. You would not have to worry about any logistics or scheduling details.


Who are the Candidates?

  • The candidates overwhelmingly possess Ph.D. degrees in various STEM disciplines, and several are currently undergoing their postdoctoral training at distinguished universities outside India.

  • Individuals with Master’s degrees in STEM disciplines will also be invited.


Recruitment Drive Timeline

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